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    Data and Telephone Cable Installation
    Data/Television/Telephone Cable and Jack Installation


    B.K. Electric 彩乐乐彩票网专家杀号 now installs and services all data and telephone cables and wiring. All of our electricians are trained to fix a wide selection of jacks, for both 彩乐乐彩票网专家杀号 and business. We have ample experience fixing all registered jacks in use today. Registered jacks are several standard designs used to connect data equipment to a telephone company. These jacks include the RJ11, by far the most common, the RJ14, RJ21, RJ45, and the RJ48. North America currently uses the RJ11 and its variants. The RJ11 is a modular connector wired for the basic form of telephone service most 彩乐乐彩票网专家杀号s and business have today. Most phones today are meant to plug into RJ11, RJ14, or RJ25 jacks; the type depends on how many lines the phone has.

    There are a couple of reasons people look to into laying down a new telephone cable. The most common is that a jack needs replacing. Either the old jack isn’t performing as well due to fault connector, or it’s too old. The other reason is 彩乐乐彩票网专家杀号 automation. 彩乐乐彩票网专家杀号 automation is the practice of centralizing control of heating, security systems, or appliances for improved convenience. There is currently a migration towards controlling your house from your phone or tablet. B.K. Electric 彩乐乐彩票网专家杀号 has installed countless phone extensions and second and third phone lines in 彩乐乐彩票网专家杀号s.

    telephone cables Did you know your 彩乐乐彩票网专家杀号 is likely wired for two phones instead of just one? Many phone companies activate both lines remotely when activating your service. Most telephones uses a 4-contact connector, or 2 pairs of contacts. Your phone connector has a second pair of contacts on the outside that aren’t used at all. Installing a second phone line is as easy as making use of these contacts. In many cases, a modified telephone jack may be required to use this second pair. B.K. Electric 彩乐乐彩票网专家杀号 has provided this service for many of our Los Angeles clients in the past. Let us take a look at your telephone jack today and we’ll help you out.

    Are you looking for data cable installation from a Los Angeles electrician? We have serviced a good number of clients for nearly two decades. We provide free estimates on potential installations with discounts available. We have in-house electricians who specialize in data cable installation. They are knowledgeable of all current wiring standards that will ensure a safe and efficient system.

    For more information on the development of telephone cable, check out this