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    Low Voltage
    low volatge electrical contractor


    Low voltage lighting is taking over all new 彩乐乐彩票网专家杀号 installations and becoming a major priority in any 彩乐乐彩票网专家杀号 remodeling project. The reasons chiefly are its contribution for low cost, high efficiency green energy as well as a significant part in the fight against non-renewable energy. 彩乐乐彩票网专家杀号 owner and commercial property as one switch to low voltage lighting to save money and provide an efficient green technology.

    Currently, the Los Angeles building and safety department working on standarizing the use of low voltage in all new construction project. By the end of this century we will see new 彩乐乐彩票网专家杀号 taking a new shape to acomodate for required zero emmission initiative and green technologies integraton.

    彩乐乐彩票网专家杀号 included in our low voltage:

    • 彩乐乐彩票网专家杀号 Theater Design
    • HDTV Mounting
    • Projectors Installation
    • Whole House Audio/Music
    • Surround Sound Design
    • Speakers Design & installations
    • Universal Remote Programming
    • TV Calibration
    • Conplete 彩乐乐彩票网专家杀号 Automation
    • Control Systems
    • Audio/Video Distribution
    • Hidden Audio/Video
    • Computer Integration
    • Security CCTV
    • Structured Wiring CAT5/6
    • New 彩乐乐彩票网专家杀号 Pre-wire or rewire


    Lutron® Solutions
    The power to transform any space with light is now yours, at the touch of a button. Control the light and shade levels in a single room or throughout your whole 彩乐乐彩票网专家杀号 using a hand-held remote, wall-mounted keypad, tabletop control, and now, your iPad® or i彩乐乐彩票网专家杀号Phone®†or Android.

    Create just the right light for any activity or mood and save energy while you do it. To locate a certified installer in your area, visit Where to Buy for more information.

    Maestro Wireless®
    Maestro Wireless® technology offers impressive lighting control functionality and convenience that will fit almost any commercial or residential application. The Pico™ Wireless control and Radio Power Saver™ sensors give the system even greater flexibility, plus the added benefit of improved energy savings. The system is incredibly easy to install and operate, allowing you to control lighting levels with any combination of up to 10 dimmers, switches, sensors and wireless controls — all with the touch of a button.

    RadioRA 2®
    RadioRA 2® is a wireless light control system that provides convenient and intuitive control of lights, shades, audio-visual devices, and temperature in a single room or throughout a whole 彩乐乐彩票网专家杀号. It installs easily, programs quickly, and operates reliably thanks to Clear Connect™ RF Technology.

    GRAFIK Eye QS®
    For an easy and efficient way to control both electric light and daylight, look to GRAFIK Eye QS®. Fully customizable, GRAFIK Eye QS adjusts lights and shades for any task or activity at the touch of a button. You’ll save energy while meeting the aesthetic, functional, and regulatory needs of any project or space.

    彩乐乐彩票网专家杀号Works QS®
    彩乐乐彩票网专家杀号Works QS® integrates the control of all your light, interior and exterior, electric light and daylight. The system also integrates with other manufacturers for audio-visual and HVAC control, as well, for broader control of your 彩乐乐彩票网专家杀号 environment.


    Vantage® Solutions

    Vantage® has developed its InFusion® control and automation platform around lighting control as the core; coupled with a multi-system native solution delivering the ability to integrate best-of-category products from different manufacturers.


    BK Electric 彩乐乐彩票网专家杀号 can help you with smart efficient planning of your low voltage installation. Contact us today to get a free estimate.